Arabica Aceh Gayo Coffee Beans

Our main product is Semi Wash Process Arabica Gayo Coffee Beans (HS code 0901.11.10) but we are also very capable of providing other types of gayo speciality coffee beans and the work can be tailored to the wishes of the buyer. Arabica gayo coffe beans suitable for roasters and also coffee connoisseurs who like to roast by themselves.

Aceh Gayo Coffee Green Beans Specification :

  • Origin : Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee, Indonesia
  • Processing Method: Semi Washed, Full Washed
  • Elevation / Altitude  : 1200 – 1700 masl
  • Region  : Bener Meriah, Aceh Tengah / Central Aceh
  • Number of Farmers  : ± 1.500
  • Production area  : ± 1400 ha
  • Harvest Period  : Sept – May

Processing Method

Semi Wash
Semi-washing beans involves fewer steps than the fully-washed method, as would be expected. Also known as ‘wet hulling’, ‘Giling Basah’ (from the Indonesian meaning ‘wet grinding’) processing beans in this way is said to reduce the acidity of the final coffee, rendering it more full-bodied and potentially preferable for espresso coffee. The coffe quality grade 1 with low acidity, solid sweetness, full bodied and smooth During the harvest season, in a 1 day process, the farmer picks the red coffee cherries, picked it for 1 full day, in the afternoon it is ground to separate the wet skin/red skin, then at night it is fermented for 1 night. The next day, they are washed with running water, then dried in the sun for 1-2 days

Full Wash

After the coffee from the farmers arrives at processing site, it is dried for 7-10 days to meet the moisture content of 12%-13%, after that it is cooled for 1 night by placing it in the warehouse, the next day it is ground with a huller machine to peel the skin/horns dry coffee, after that the sorting process is carried out by a sieve machine, after using the machine it is then sorted again manually by employees to get the best quality.

Terms & Condition for Export

  1. We accept sample request for specific quantity
  2. We accept custom process for Green Bean and Grade
  3. We accept payment by T/T and LC
  4. All the price based on FOB term. However, all matters and requirements related to terms and conditions can be negotiated
  5. Shipping Port : Sumatera Area (Belawan Port – Medan)
  6. Document : Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Loading, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate and other documents depend on destination country regulations or buyer request.

Arabica Gayo Grade 1


Screen     : 15,16,17
Defects    : Max 12%
Moisture  : Max 13%

Arabica Gayo Grade 2


Screen     : 15,16,17
Defects    : 12 – 15%
Moisture  : Max 13%

Arabica Gayo Grade 3


Screen     : 15,16,17
Defects    : 25 – 35%
Moisture  : Max 14%

Gayo Coffee Beans Achievements

Fair Trade Certified from the Fair Trade International Organization on 27 May 2010. Proved as a fair trade export company.

Certificate of Geographical Indication from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in 2010.

The highest ranking when it was cupping score at the Special Indonesian Coffee Auction Event on October 10, 2010 in Bali (Indonesia)

All farms are Organic Certified (USDA and EU) by Control Union and Fairtrade Certified by FLO Cert. Gayo Coffee is the best organic coffee

Based on the results of the coffee taste test applied by the coffee association in America, namely the Specialty Coffee Association of America or SCAA, Gayo coffee is referred to as coffee with a perfect score. For SCAA coffee with a point score above 80 based on the results of the taste test / cupping test is considered a specialty coffee. World coffee exhibition organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America / SCAA in Portland, Oregon Convention Center, United States (19-22 Apr 2012). Meanwhile, Gayo coffee always gets the highest score at 86-90 points. That value is enough to make Gayo coffee the number one best coffee in the world


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